The History

My name is Coleman and I am an Arizona native. Throughout my entire life I have been blessed with the opportunity to experience the great outdoors whether It be camping, hiking, fishing, you name it. It wasn’t until I got into my twenties that I realized Arizona offers just about everything when It comes to the outdoors. Our great state’s diversity of the barren desert, cool pines and everything in between are what attracts me to continually adventure.

I envisioned a brand local to Arizona and the Southwest that represents the love we all share for adventuring. It’s for those first timers who go on a simple hike which eventually lead to weekend long back packing trips rim to rim of the Grand Canyon. Or the weekend warriors going up to Grasshopper point along 89A on a hot summer day to cliff jump.

The Name:

Copper Revival essentially relates to the booming economic expansion of copper mining in Arizona in the 1800’s. This put the territory on the map which eventually became a state in 1912. We want a revival of how our state came to be and not forget the roots which founded it with each garment telling a story.

The Logo:

Most of you might think our logo is just some mountains with a river running through the scene and you'd be right. However, there's a lot more detail than you might realize. Let's start from the top. The sun, moon and stars give an overshadowing perspective of how contrasting our state can be, from the arid Sonoran desert to the crisp pines of Kaibab. This concept is also represented through the saguaros and Ponderosa pine trees being divided by the river. The prominent mountains setting the stage for the scene are the Four Peaks.

Our Mission:

Here at Copper Revival we want to provide you with the essentials to keep you looking good for your next adventure. Our Arizona specific brand has a story to tell with each product, hoping to garner the interest of Arizona’s roots. Always printed on the the softest shirts in the valley.